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Environmental Compliance Approvals in Ontario
An Environmental Compliance Approval is vital for almost every business that operates in Ontario. The Environmental Protection Act (EPA) ensures that every business with processes or systems that release contaminants into the environment will require an Environmental Compliance Approval from the Ministry of the Environment in order to operate legally in the province.
In defining a "contaminant,” the EPA also includes noise and vibrations. This refers to contaminants that are released into the air, land and water. The requirement to apply for and receive an Environmental Compliance Approval is designed to allow the Ministry of the Environment to track and limit the amount of pollutants that are released into the environment. It also provides a means to determine liability if a business violates the approval in any manner.
There are some common systems and processes that the Ministry of the Environment has pre-approved for safe operation under normal conditions. If the business uses any of these systems or processes they will be able to simply register these systems with the Environmental Activities and Sector Registry if all Activity and Operating Requirements are met. This allows businesses to bypass the normal approval process for those specific systems. Pre-approved systems include:
  • Heating systems;
  • Standby power systems (such as generators);
  • Automotive finishing facilities;
  • Lithographic, screen and digital printing facilities;
  • Small solar facilities; and
  • Non-hazardous waste transportation.
There have been additional systems added to the registry recently, but the systems that can be registered are still relatively small. For all other equipment it is necessary to apply for an Environmental Compliance Approval for the business and facility.
Applying for Environmental Compliance Approval
An application for Environmental Compliance Approval will require evidence that the facility can meet the minimum requirements in terms of operating regulations. This will include evidence to show that the levels of emissions for pollutants, noise and vibration are within those allowed under Section 9 of the EPA.
Completing an Environmental Compliance Approval Request
Hiring the services of an independent environmental consulting company is often the best way to prepare for an Environmental Compliance Approval application. These companies consist of experts who will be able to conduct the different audits (Air, waste, water, noise) necessary to prove compliance with the various regulations in Ontario. The regulations are subject to change quickly and environmental consultants are always up-to-date on the latest changes to municipal, provincial and federal legislation.
In the event that the business fails to show compliance with any of the regulations, an environmental consulting company will be able to suggest an expert plan for remediation to achieve compliance.
Choose an environmental consulting company that will work to develop a strong business relationship that promotes repeat business. Trust a reputable environmental consultant to secure an Environmental Compliance Approval for your business today.
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